Class 12 Chemistry Handwritten Notes

Class 12 Chemistry Handwritten Notes

Class 12 chemistry handwritten notes are prepared by our expert teachers having experience of more than 15 years in teaching. In our notes we have covered complete NCERT syllabus and all other topics which are very important for the exams preparation. So our notes not only helpful for board exams but also for competitions exams these are very helpful. We have explained every topic of chemistry in very easy language so students can understand every topic and learn the topic in very small time.

Our handwritten notes of chemistry class 12 are very useful for the students who want to achieve top score in their board exams of CBSE or in other Indian state boards. Notes not only useful for CBSE students but these are useful for all students of Indian education boards from various States based upon NCERT syllabus. In Chemistry class 12 handwritten notes we have covered all the chapters one by one.

We have provided very simple format in the notes due to that format students get help to understand structure of the topic. The length of the topic is subdivided into parts so this also will help the student to learn and understand the lengthy and difficult topics.

Class 12 chemistry is mainly divided into three parts physical chemistry, organic chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. In physical chemistry we have explained its formula in very easy language and proper way so that students from Medical backgrounds also will be able to learn physical chemistry very easily. Organic chemistry is considered to be hard by most of the students but we have explained every reactions and mechanisms which are very necessary for the understanding of the topics and mechanism. We have provided summary also in the notes that are very important for the quick revision. Class 12 handwritten notes are written in very neat and clean handwriting so it creates interest in the students to learn and also will help the reading of the topics.

At present Class 12 Chemistry Handwritten Notes are provided as per NCERT pattern. We are working on further advance topics for competitions like IIT, NEET etc. We will update with our advance content soon. CBSE class 12  handwritten Notes for Chemistry are very nice notes for students of class 12 for all boards. We are sure that no one will find such a wonderful notes of class 12 Chemistry anywhere on the internet.

  • Our Chemistry Notes covers all parts Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry in details. 
  • Physical Chemistry contains all mathematical proofs and related graphs.
  • Organic Chemistry cover all Name reactions and other reactions with mechanisms.
  • In Inorganic Chemistry we have covered all concepts of s,p,d and f block elements with their important compounds.

Although we have taken much care while preparing notes for class 12 Chemistry but still we are improving these notes for Chemistry class 12. 

Class 12 Chemistry Handwritten Notes Key features :

  • Class 12 Chemistry Handwritten Notes are prepared in easy language, neat and clean handwriting.
  • Topics are as per syllabus so that students can revise subject in minimum time with maximum accuracy.
  • Class 12 Chemistry Handwritten Notes are as per guidelines of NCERT syllabus.
  • Class 12 Chemistry Handwritten Notes with maximum colored diagrams for better explanation.
  • Complex topics are explain point-wise in step by step manner so that students can learn this topics very easily.
  • Notes (NCERT Solutions Only) can be download. Class 12 Chemistry Handwritten Notes also so that student can assess notes anywhere anytime.
  • Class 12 Chemistry Handwritten Notes will be provided in Printed format by Speed Post. Notes will be delivered asap.

Class 12 Chemistry Handwritten Notes Chapter-wise

  • Unit 1* The Solid State
  • Unit 1 Solutions
  • Unit 2 Electrochemistry
  • Unit 3 Chemical Kinetics
  • Unit 4 Surface Chemistry
  • Unit 5 General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
  • Unit 6 The p-Block Elements
  • Unit 7 The d-and f-Block Elements
  • Unit 8 Coordination Compounds
  • Unit 9 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
  • Unit 10 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
  • Unit 11 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
  • Unit 12 Amines
  • Unit 13 Biomolecules
  • Unit 14 Polymers
  • Unit 15 Chemistry in Everyday Life

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