Crop Production & Management

Lesson 3: NCERT Solutions: Crop Production and Management

NCERT solutions of this chapter 1. Crop production and management is provided in this part of course. Content of solutions are strictly as per NCERT book of 8th science. Proper images have been added to NCERT solutions for better understandings. Question are simplified for easy learning. Our NCERT solutions are unique in many aspects. First reading of the solutions will clear all questions of the students. Extra question have beed added in Assignments and Quizzes of the courses. So don’t forgot to visit the other parts of the courses.


Main features of NCERT solutions are:

  1. Each online course contains NCERT solution of the related chapter.
  2. Language of solution are as per NCERT books.
  3. NCERT solutions contains images in maximum numbers for easy understanding of the students.
  4. NCERT solutions are formatted in eye catching formats.
  5. Extra questions are given separately from NCERT solutions.
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