Materials: Metals and Non-Metals

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Full chemistry is on study of metals and nonmetals directly or indirectly. For better concepts,we must know about basics of elements. In this part of lesson, we will know some interesting facts about elements and its classification in metals and nonmetals. With  the help of these facts , we  will know clear picture about the elements and its classifications in metals and nonmetals and metalloids.

Information about elements


  • There are about 118 elements.
  • About 90 elements up to  uranium are found naturally.
  • Another  20 elements beyond uranium are prepared in laboratory artificially, these elements are known as trans-uranium elements.
  • There are 91 metals 7 nonmetals and metalloids and 2 are unknown.
  • There are five kinds of metal categories ;  alkali metal, alkali Earth metals, transition metals, Lanthanides and Actinides.
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