Materials: Metals and Non-Metals

Lesson 3: Physical Properties of Metals

Metals are very important for us. We can see use of metals very often around us. If we look in our house then we will find out various utensils are made up of metals, our door  handles are also made up of metals. Bicycle, car,  motorcycle etc.  are also made up of metals. Electricity is transferred to our home with the help of wires which are made up of metals. In our school bell is used  which is also made up of combination of metals.

So in this chapter we will learn about properties of metal which enables metals to use in our daily life. These properties are known as physical properties, because these can be observed just looking toward the metals without any chemical studies of metals.


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Shining  surfaces

Metals have shining surfaces.

Non metal have dull surfaces.

Except Iodine.



Metals are normally hard.

Except- Sodium, Potassium, calcium which can be cut even with knife.

Non metals are not hard.

Except- diamond which is  hardest in nature is a form of carbon.


State of existence

All metals are found in solid state. Except- Mercury which is found in liquid state.

Non metal are found in all three states.

For example : carbon in solid, bromine in  liquid, oxygen in gaseous form.



Metals can be converted to sheets.

Non metals cannot convert into sheets.



Metals can be drawn into wires.

Non metals cannot drawn into wires.


Melting and boiling points

Metals have very high melting and boiling points.

Non metal has low melting  and boiling point.



Metals are conductor of heat and electricity.

Non metals are non conducting of heat and elements. Except-graphite a form of carbon.



Metal have higher density.Except- Sodium, Potassium,calcium.

Non metal have lower density as compared to metals.



Metals produce sound when strike with hard surfaces

Non metal don’t produce any sound.



Metals are found in solid state except Mercury which is  found in liquid state.



Malleability is a property of metals due to which these can be converted into sheets with the help of force.

For example :  Aluminium foil is used to wrap the food items,  iron sheets are used to make doors.  this is possible due to the property of malleability of metals.


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